Who we are

DESHMUKH HITECH IRRIGATION AND FARM AGENCIES, is an organization established in the year 2010 by Mr. Girish D. Deshmukh, in Eastern Pune area, with a vision to provide advanced irrigation solutions, through latest technology in agriculture, to farmer in the area, through advanced technology adoption.

Through the years Deshmukh Hi tech has become one of the trusted, largest suppliers and service producers in the field of Agriculture Irrigation, Landscape Irrigation, Pumps, PVC Pipes etc. And make a mark on the Industry with world class quality Product and Cutting edge Customer Service. 

Having a several words top most brands under the belt, Deshmukh Hi tech , have diversified their business in Agriculture, Landscape, Machinery and Export division of some product lines.


AGRICULTURE- Agriculture is the Science and art of  cultivating the soils, growing crops and raising livestock. It includes preparation of plants and animal products For people to use and their distribution to market. Today’s agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies such as climate sensors, GPS Technologies, advance tractors, Irrigations Systems Followed by new Tillage, harvesting and inter cultivational machineries, all leading higher yield and improved quality of food with saving in labor cum operational cost to farmers.

Deshmukh Hitech offers wide range of products and service solutions in the field of precise drip and sprinkler irrigation, Foggers, rain guns, automatic filtration system, automation system, greenhouse/poly house irrigation systems, fertigation system etc. In association with industries most trusted brands.

Along with irrigation services, we also  serve our farmers with advances power weeders , tillers, earth augers, brush cutters, chaff cutters, advanced agricultural tools, All kinds of pumps and sprayers etc.

INDUSTRIAL- Industrial  Vertical mainly comprises of landscape. Part of the system which not only beatify  the are but also give economical solution for maintenance.  We, at Deshmukh Hi Tech, Provides unmatched combination of products and services you need to build a better landscape. 

We have one of the trusted Suppliers and Service Providers for PVC, HDPE materials and all necessary fittings/accessories in all required sizes.

We are also leading authorized dealers for world class branded quality products like Hunter, Rainbird, Nandan Jain which holds mastery in landscape sprinkler systems. 

We provide professional services, contractors with irrigation supplies, water efficient and sustainable solutions, landscape and turf products.

We also deals in various landscape maintenance machineries as ride on lawn mowers, Hedge trimmers, brush cutters, chain saws, pressure cleaners, advanced tools with best in segment companies like orec, cub cadet, rover, sthil, puberty, falcon etc.

RESIDENTIAL- An open space like terrace is the idea space for your plants to grow, terrace garden, plant parks can immediately reduce pollution in its primary surroundings. Terrace garden plant parks increase the overall quality of air and leads to improvements in the health of the people living in the house. Further move, it also act as natural air conditioner that aids in the comfortable ambience.

With the need, we also provide all the solutions needed for maintenance of  residential gardens as various tools like, secateurs, automatic watering systems, watering cans, spray pumps, loopers , hedge shears, gardening pipes etc. 

Considering the raising importance of renewable energy sources, we provide product and services solutions for rainwater harvesting, solar pump which are versatility used for buildings , individual bungalows, hotels, resorts etc.

EXPORTS- With a vision to consider world as a market, we have explored ourselves into exports of commodities like fresh vegetables,  agriculture machineries, agriculture irrigation systems etc. 

The domain experience in the agriculture and being from a farming family background, it  helped a lot for us to provide best solutions to our overseas client base.

We not only trade the product but we transfer technology knowledge to our esteemed clients. We have explored ourselves into gulf countries Somalia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Zambia, Uganda and focusing move on south African continent in future.

Our Vision

VISION-To be a Globally acclaimed Supplier & Service provider within the field of Agriculture & Landscape.

MISSION- To provide the finest customer service in everything we do & to sell quality products with latest technology at a great value, while exceeding our customers expectations