Really RAPL-BC-HONDA GX35-OEM (Brushcutter)

Honda GX35 4 stroke brush cutter will help you in cutting all length of grasses. It can be used in your lawn or farm lands. It has multiple uses starting right from cutting the unnecessary grass to tilling your farms. One paddy guard attachment and your brush cutter is all set to be used as a paddy cutter or wheat cutter. Attach a mini tiller attachment and the Green Kraft Agritech brush cutter turns into a mini tiller. Honda GX35 Brush cutter is the most popular choice for heavy duty grass cutting. Visit our wide range of grass cutters to know what suits your need


Product Details :

Product Name : Brushcutter
Brand : Really
Make : China
Make Of Engine : Honda
Machine Stroke : 4 stroke
Displacement CC : 35.8
Engine Capacity Hp : 1.5
Engine Placement : Side Pack
Transmission Type : Straight Shaft
Energy Source : petrolL
Attachments with Machine : TAP & GO, 3 teeth Metal blade
Weight Kg : 7.5 kg


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