Stihl TS 800 (Cut Off Saw)

The TS 800 STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine features a magnesium guard making the machine a full 0.7 pounds lighter than the previous model. The TS 800 features a 16” cutting wheel, the largest size we offer in a handheld design. When used with the optional STIHL Cutquik® Cart, the TS 800 is an excellent alternative to conventional walk behinds because it can be used as a handheld or quickly snapped into our cart for long, straight, controlled cuts. It’s also fuel efficient, with enough power to cut through asphalt, concrete, rebar, iron and steel with ease.


Product Details :

Product Name : Cut Off Saw
Model Name : TS 800
Brand : Stihl
Make : Germany
Make Of Engine : Stihl
Displacement (CC) : 98.5cm3
Weight : 12.7kg
Power Output : 5.0kw/6.8hp
Cutting Wheel Dia. : 300/350/400mm
Cutting Depth : 100/125/145mm


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