Stihl WP 230 (Water Pump)

Stihl WP-230 Petrol Water Pump 1.5inch, 40.2cc, 2.1hp Description : Stihl Water pump with high vertical and horizontal pump capacity of up to 250 l/min = 15 m³/h at up to 8m flow height and 27m pumping height.


Product Details :

Product Name : Water Pump
Model Name : WP 230
Brand : Stihl
Make : Germany
Make Of Engine : Stihl
Displacement (CC) : 40.2cm3
Weight : 11.3 kg
Power Output : 1.55kw/2.1hp
Max. Suction Head (Meter) : 8
Max. Delivery Head (Meter) : 27
Max.Discharge : 250L/min


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