Texas Alligator 9DP(Power weeder)

This machine is highly recommended to carry out de weeding operations and primary cultivation for small and medium scale. It comes with multiple optional attachments, viz paddy wheel for wetland cultivation, 3-3 deep rotary blades for breaking hard soil, potato ditcher to ditch potatoes from field, adjustable plough to loosen the soil or turn the soil, single plough to make small beds, ridger to form ridge between the rows.


Product Details :

Product Name : Power Weeder
Model Name : Alligator 9DP
Brand :Texas
Make : Denmark
Make Of Engine : Texas
Engine Capacity : 9Hp
Transmission Type : Direct shaft
Fuel : Diesel
Starting System : Recoil / Electrical
Rotor Type : Center
Weight : 140kg
Water & HTP Pump Attachment : Yes
Deep Rotary Attachment : No
Gear Oil : 2500ml
Engine Oil : 1500ml


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