Texas BGP 31 (Brushcutter)

This crop reaper / weeder is a two stroke machine ideal for the following operations:Crop reaping of wheat and paddy using the circular blade and crop collector.The trimmer attachment allows for clearing grass and weeds.It is essential to use the ear and eye protection helmet when operating this machine.It can also be used to clear bushes and heavy weeds using the 4 tooth blade or the 8 tooth blade.


Product Details :

Product Name : Brushcutter
Model Name : BGP 31
Brand : Texas
Make : Denmark
Make Of Engine : Texas
Machine Stroke : 4 stroke
Displacement CC : 35
Engine Capacity Hp : 1.5
Engine Placement : Back Pack
Transmission Type : Flexible Shaft
Energy Source : Petrol
Attachments with Machine : TAP & GO, 2 teeth Metal blade, 80 teeth blade, Paddy attachment
Weight Kg : 7 kg


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