Texas Lilli 632 TG (Power weeder)

This machine is recommended for de weeding between rows of vegetables and crops planted at distances between 20’’ and 36’’( Inches). Being highly maneuverable, it is also used very successful in carrying out de weeding operations around apple trees, banana trees, date palms, coconut gardens, areca nut gardens and all other fruits tree in orchards. In addition to this is will also keep the rest of the orchard weed free.


Product Details :

Product Name : Power Weeder
Model Name : Lilli 632 TG
Brand :Texas
Make : Denmark
Make Of Engine : Texas
Engine Capacity : 5.5 Hp
Transmission Type : Direct shaft
Fuel : Petrol
Starting System : Recoil
Rotor Type : Center
Weight : 75kg
Water & HTP Pump Attachment : Yes
Deep Rotary Attachment : yes
Gear Oil : 1900 ml
Engine Oil : 700 ml


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