Falcon Roto Drive 33 Plus (Lawn Mower)

Falcon Roto Drive 33 Plus Rotary Electric Lawn Mower is a great lawn mower with 4 HP engine. Handles are rubber padded and have 4 tyres. Works well on grass that make grass even well. Deck material is of steel and gatherer material is of nylon.


Product Details :

Product Name : Lawn Mower
Model Name : Roto Drive 33 Plus
Brand : Falcon
Make : Indian
Motor / Engine Type : Electric
Power : 1400 watt
Drive Type : Push
Deck Material : Plastic
Cutting Width : 33 cm
Adj. Cutting Height mm : 25-75mm
Grass Bag Volume L : 35 L
Gatherer Material : Plastic & Textile
Electric Cable : 15 m
Weight Kg : 14.8 kg


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