Pubert P 52 (Brushcutter)

A brushcutter is the ideal tool for gardening and farming. It can be used to trim weeds and small plants by using different trimmer heads depending on the purpose. A wheeled brushcutter, for instance, will help you get rid of tall grass and shrubs in all kinds of terrains. You can also use brush cutter machines, also known as cutting grass machine, functions as a lawn mower and can be used to mow the lawn by employing the use of a revolving blade, which will mow the grass to an even height.


Product Details :

Product Name : Brushcutter
Model Name : P 52
Brand : Pubert
Make : France
Make Of Engine : Pubert
Machine Stroke : 2 stroke
Displacement CC : 52
Engine Capacity Hp : 2.1
Engine Placement : Side Pack
Transmission Type : Straight Shaft
Energy Source : petrol+40 ml 2 T oil
Attachments with Machine : TAP & GO, 2 teeth Metal blade
Weight Kg : 8 kg


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