Really RAPL-PCHS-52S (Brushcutter)

The Really RAPL-PCHS-525 brush cutter is a versatile and powerful tool that is perfect for any garden or landscaping project. It features a 3.5 HP petrol engine and a 0.65 L fuel tank capacity, making it perfect for larger projects. The engine is displacement is 52 cc and it has a 2-stroke engine speed of 7000 rpm. The engine power in kw is 1.4 kW.


Product Details :

Product Name : Brushcutter
Model Name : RAPL-PCHS-52S
Brand : Really
Make : China
Make Of Engine : Really
Machine Stroke : 2 stroke
Displacement CC : 52
Engine Capacity Hp : 2
Engine Placement : Side Pack
Transmission Type : Straight Shaft
Energy Source : petrol+40 ml 2 T oil
Attachments with Machine : TAP & GO, 3 teeth Metal blade
Weight Kg : 7.5 kg


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