Stihl BGA 100 (Handheld Blowers)

The STIHL BGA 100 is one of STIHL’s top-end machines among handheld battery blowers. It’s tremendous blowing force is a huge increase of approximately 70 per cent compared with the STIHL BGA 85. The STIHL BGA 100 has three power levels and an additional Boost function which are selected by thumb action without having to change grip.


Product Details :

Product Name : Handheld Blower
Model Name : AR 3000
Brand : Stihl
Make : Germany
Make Of Engine : Stihl
Energy Source : Battery Operated
Battery : Integral battery
Air Speed : 57m/s
Battery running time : up to 160/100 min
Weight Kg : 2.5 kg


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