Stihl BGE 81 (Handheld Blowers)

With its two-speed, handle-mounted switch, the STIHL BGE 81 gives you the power you need, when you need it. Even on maximum speed, this versatile electric leaf blower produces low noise and zero emissions, perfect for use outdoors in quiet residential or commercial office settings.


Product Details :

Product Name : Handheld Blower
Model Name : BGE 81
Brand : Stihl
Make : Germany
Make Of Engine : Stihl
Energy Source : Electric Operated
Rated Voltage : 230
Power Output (kw) : 1.4
Air Speed (m/s) : 82
Max. Air Throughput (m3/h) : 750
Vibration Level Right (ms2) : 4.1
Sound Power Level db (A) : 103
Sound Pressure Level db (A) : 89
Weight Kg : 3.3 kg


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