Stihl BG 50 (Handheld Blowers)

STIHL BG 50 Blower Handheld is an electrical blower power tool that is used in a variety of applications. The weight of the blower is 3.6 kg and offers a blowing force of 13 Newtons. The fuel capacity is 430 cc. It is used in dusting, and clearing leaves.


Product Details :

Product Name : Handheld Blower
Model Name : BG 50
Brand : Stihl
Make : Germany
Make Of Engine : Stihl
Energy Source : Gasoline Engine Operated
Displacement : 27.2
Air Speed (m/s) : 71
Air Throughput (m3/h) : 700
Max. Air Throughput (m3/h) : 730
Vibration Level Right (ms2) : 10.5
Sound Power Level db (A) : 105
Sound Pressure Level db (A) : 92
Weight Kg : 3.6 kg


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